TXF Series  

User friendliness being the key to a successful self-service kiosk deployment, SDI embarks a comprehensive kiosk deploying strategy that focuses on the design ergonomics, solution implementation and management services for customer's interactive kiosk. Being self-serviced, a kiosk provides a service that offered intangible benefits in terms of customer satisfaction and practically less manpower.

As a computer-based device, SDI Kiosk enables the customer to have options for future device integration and system expansion with minimal hassle. Having our own software team, SDI is able to provide a full turn-key kiosk solutions ranging from ticketing, payment, POS to advertising, photo-taking and downloading. With customization options, customers are able to configure their own kiosk based on requirements and budget constraints with the assistance of our sales representatives.
SDI Kiosks are designed based on rugged & slim line concept suitable for both indoors and outdoors applications. From space saving wall mounted to eyes capturing stand mounted kiosks made of metal, wood or fiber glass material are available for customer selection. Design that blends to the existing surrounding can be employed for personalized implementation.