What are kiosk solutions?

Kiosk solutions are self service application running on a kiosk to render services to the users. It encompasses on richly designed multimedia user interface with main application running in the back-end. The type of application that can run on a kiosk can range from retail, service providing and information to access control and administration.

Case Studies

.:: Virtual Retailer ::.

• Products and Services information

• Membership application

• Product tracking


.:: POS Application ::.

• Bill payment services through Nets, contact-less card and cash card

• Content download/upload

• E-ticketing

• Ez-Link, NETS Integration

• Database Integration

• Network based reporting



.:: Virtual Host ::.

•  Security access control

•  Administrative

•  Guest registration

•  Video conferencing

•  Messaging services



.:: Digital Photo Application ::.

•  Photo taking feature

•  Digital photo uploading to GSM mobile, PDA, multimedia cards or send by email

•  E-Postcard


.:: E-Guide ::.

•  Building directory service

•  Simulated location guiding service

•  Advance booking service