.:: Digital Signage Content Management System ::.
d-Sign CMS provides the capability to create, schedule, manage, distribute, and dynamically play back unique content to multiple remote displays from a content management server. Whenever you need to transfer your message visually with reliable and confirmed playback, d-Sign multimedia solution can be deployed. It allows further customization and flexibility down to the local level that includes user interfaces and display controls. These offer exciting new opportunities to events organizations and advertisers seeking to communicate more effectively. In many cases, d-Sign solution is integrated with databases to display dynamic content on screen - incorporating existing and changing information. Wherever possible content management control makes associate display channels self-sustaining, always refreshing and appealing. The result is that lesser efforts are required to deliver more relevant informations.
• Reliable, Low Cost, High Impact Advertising

Digital signage is a dynamic industry offering venues ranging from shopping malls to public access areas to corporate offices the opportunity to distribute rich media content and information to customers, employees and passersby.

All thanks to advancing technology, falling prices of displays and computers, implementing Digital Signage solution has become a more cost manageable deployment while acquiring the most advance digital streaming and content management solution brought to you by SDi Networks.

Real-time Dynamic Content Editing
Minimal production cost due to less wastage on content reproduction. Dynamic contents can be mixed with video to reuse expensively produced videos, adding new information when needed. Content can be updated faster, which is critical for short turn-around production cycles.
Content Management Capability
d-Sign handles multiple format contents while enables auto scaling feature and thus, less full screen video is necessary. This greatly reduces transmission and encoding costs.
IP Multicast
IP multicast allows the same content to be broadcast to multiple displays based on selection in one transmission. Cost per transmission is less because you can do just one transmission.
Customizable User Interface and display control
Customizable graphics user interface (GUI) allows end-users to start operating with moderate training. Controlling of remote displays can be achieved locally through an embedded display control engine.